Coluracetam Powder: The Nootropic Enthusiast’s Choice

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Coluracetam is a nootropic that improves memory and is also considered to be a powerful mood enhancer. It appears to work by enhancing the high affinity choline uptake (HACU) process in neurons. This ensures that choline is always available for synthesis into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

It also desensitizes glutamate receptors, which boosts alertness and focus. It is also an excellent anti-anxiety supplement.


Coluracetam powder europe is a nootropic that works by increasing acetylcholine and improves cognition. It has also been shown to have other benefits such as enhancing vision, relieving anxiety and depression as well as treating irritable bowel syndrome. Users of coluracetam stack it with choline sources such as CDP-Choline and Alpha-GPC to increase the effectiveness of the supplement.

It enhances the process of high affinity choline uptake (HACU) in your brain and boosts its conversion into acetylcholine. This increases your focus and concentration as well as your memory. It has also been shown to desensitize AMPA receptors which boosts neural signaling.

This dietary supplement is ideal for anyone who would like to enhance their cognitive function and is available in powder or liquid form. It can also be taken sublingually for faster absorption. It is a fat-soluble compound and should be taken with a healthy oil such as unprocessed coconut or extra virgin olive oil. It may interact with cholinergic drugs such as antipsychotics, Parkinson’s medications and glaucoma drops.


Coluracetam is a nootropic that boosts acetylcholine activity by helping ACh receptors accept more acetylcholine. It does this by interacting with a process called high affinity choline uptake (HACU). It is also known to increase AMPA potentiation, which is important for memory formation. It is one of the newest nootropics and has many benefits including decreased anxiety, improved mood, increased long-term memory, enhanced vision and a sense of relaxation.

It has been shown to improve acetylcholine synthesis in Schizophrenia patients, which may help them overcome their schizophrenia symptoms. It can also boost learning for people with Alzheimer’s disease. It has been shown to have a positive effect on eyesight, with users reporting brighter colors, more intense contrast and a sharper focus on shapes. It has also been found to encourage the growth of retinal and optical nerves.

Like most racetams, it’s fat-soluble and best taken with a healthy oil such as coconut oil. Most neurohackers start with a small dose to see how it affects them, and then gradually increase the dosage over time. It’s also usually taken sublingually for faster absorption.

Side effects

Coluracetam powder (MKC-231, BCI-540, and N-(2,3-Dimethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrofuro[2,3-b]quinolin-4-yl)acetamide) is a synthetic nootropic compound that’s similar to piracetam but with an additional fluoroquinolone component. It enhances high-affinity choline uptake, the rate-limiting step in acetylcholine (ACh) synthesis. This helps prevent memory-loss and cognitive problems caused by reduced HACU activity.

It also helps improve vision by increasing acetylcholine in the eyes, leading to brighter colors, intensified contrast, and sharper focus on shapes and lights. It has also been shown to boost cognition and reduce anxiety. It may help relieve depression without affecting serotonin levels.

It is safe to use and does not produce any side effects in most people when used as directed. Some users may experience a headache as a result of taking high doses, but this usually resolves itself within a few hours. Brain fog, a feeling of confusion and lack of focus, can occur in some people who take high dosages as well. These symptoms can be avoided by lowering the dosage.

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